About Us

SDEI: Substantial Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness 

We are a group of private individuals that have come together to promote a vision for substantive progress based on specific tangible programs and initiatives.
Our mission is to promote Substantial Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness that provides real resources to empower individuals and families, and that helps build resilient, responsive and welcoming communities.
Our main goals are work with firms, agencies, and other organizations to support SDEI initiatives.

  • Set up stakeholder and stewardship advisory councils

  • Encourage the adoption of fair trade principles along the entire supply chain

  • Assist groups issue comprehensive and actionable social responsibility reports

To achieve these goals we provide resources and information about different initiatives, including:

  • White papers on best practices 

  • Case studies on implementation

  • Discussion forums

  • Links and other resources

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